Our bags are mostly packed, our reservations all made, our maps and itinerary are printed (and digital), and we’re getting ready to go to Panama!

Jen likes the house to be clean before we leave for a trip, so we’ve also been vacuuming, doing dishes, and organizing (I actually did the vacuuming and the dishes!) :). If we can get everything all ready to go early enough, then Jen even wants to scrub the bathroom and kitchen floors! This isn’t unusual for her – it’s something she learned from her mother and likes to do this before every trip.

I love how clean she keeps our house. She’s an excellent home maker. However, on previous vacations, she would clean before packing, so we ended up scrambling at the last minute to get everything in our bags. Now she’s learned to pack first, and then clean with whatever time is left over. This works much better. Although I still wonder if she’ll just want to clean it again when we get home because of six weeks of accumulated dust. Oh well. 

This is off topic, but the other day, Jen said to me, “Sometimes I wish I could see what life was like before we got here.”

I replied, “Like in the 60’s?”

She cracked up laughing and said, “No, like in the pre-existence!”

We had a good, long laugh about my misunderstanding. I thought the 60’s because we were born in the 70’s/80’s, so the 60’s were right before that. But I was curious why she’d really care to know more about the 60’s, of all times… Yes, the pre-existence makes a lot more sense. 

Well, I have some more packing and stuff to do, so that’s all for now!

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  1. HAve a fun safe trip and keep posting :o) .
    I admire Jen’s homemaking skills. She is quite a lady. I would fine it frustrating to come home from aanywhere to dirty dishes, unmade beds and messes everywhere. That’s just ONE of my MANY quirks.
    Happy Traveling to you. love you.

  2. ’60’s! Groovy!

    It WAS a lot like the pre-existence, actually. I know I lived with my parents, I got an elementary education, qualified to proceed to the next estate (the 70’s).

    And I don’t remember a thing about it.

    You guys have a wonderful trip!!


  3. Well, packing took longer than I anticipated this time, due in part to some unexpected back pain, as you know. So the floor and bathrooms didn,t get scrubbed like I wanted. However, I’m very pleased that I was able to get everything packed in time anyway, and I’m so blessed to have such a wonderfully helpful you, who is willing to help vacuum and wash dishes, etc. Thank you so much again! So far I’ve only thought of one thing I forgot to pack, the girls’ shirts that I bought for them as Valentines Day gifts. But I suppose those can wait until we get home. At least I remembered to pack my swim suit at the very last minute! So many things to remember!

  4. I am just like Jen, I like to leave things clean. Although I don’t like cleaning but I would feel unsettled if the house was dirty when we left.

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