I have always enjoyed good music. I started studying the piano when I was 5 years old, and voice a little later than that. I started teaching piano when I was 16, and have sung in numerous choirs over the years. At one point, I even considered becoming a choir teacher for a living.

Here is a video of a recent concert I gave at my home in Bali, where I played some Classical pieces, as well as some songs I’d written, including a song I sang with the ukelele. Note that the concert is divided into two separate 30 minute videos. Part I is Classical pieces, and Part II is mostly stuff that I wrote.

One of the things I enjoy doing with music is writing arrangements of hymns for piano. I grew up Mormon, and as a pianist, became very familiar with the hymns and loved to improvise them as I played. Here are the recordings I’ve made of some of my more complete arrangements. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Note: These were recorded in Garageband through a MIDI interface, so the piano sound isn’t as nice as a real piano, and it misinterpreted how hard/soft I hit some of the keys. And for the vocals, I used a cheap microphone headset designed for chatting/Skype, etc., so really not ideal for singing. There’s hissing in background, and the quality isn’t that good. So I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to perfect these recordings. I basically did one or two takes.

Maybe some day I’ll practice them more and go to a recording studio to really perfect the performances. In the mean time, you’re welcome to perform them yourself by downloading the sheet music at the bottom of the page.

Sound Recordings

Right click and download to get the mp3.

How Great the Humble Birth (piano)

I Am a Child of God (piano)

Away in a Manger (vocal/piano)

Where Can I Turn For Peace (English vocal/piano)

Dónde hallo el solaz (Spanish vocal/piano)

Sheet Music

How Great the Humble Birth.pdf (piano)

I Am a Child of God.pdf (piano)

Away in a Manger.pdf (piano/voice)

Where Can I Turn for Peace.pdf (piano/voice – includes English and Spanish lyrics)

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  1. […] think I like the Spanish translation best (and the recording is better, too). I have also update my Music page where you can hear other arrangements I’ve […]

  2. awesome! You are an amazing pianist! Why did I not hear this live? I sing praise and worship music in my church. Jason and I both would have loved to listen to you for hours literally.

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