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A New Life Phase

It’s been over a year since we updated this website. There are several countries we’ve visited that we haven’t written posts about (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic). Our Family Adventure Summit event in Bali last October (2019) was so beautiful and fulfilling. And we’ve continued learning and gaining new insights. So why haven’t we written about any of this? The truth is, we’ve entered a new…

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Marketing Yourself While Maintaining Authenticity

I had an interesting realization while on a brunch date with my oldest daughter, Emily (15). Over some delicious Indian food, we talked about our purpose, what feels meaningful, and what we enjoy working on. And some questions she asked brought up some revelatory insights that I’ve been pondering. Mainly, I realized that I don’t necessarily want to be the spokesperson for the brands I’m…

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Raising Entrepreneurs

It’s exciting to see my kids learning important life skills at a much younger age than I did, and actually earning money with these skills! I suppose when I was around 14 years old, I did start doing random work for people, including typing documents, computer repair, or consulting people on computer purchases, just because there were people who insisted on paying me to do…

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7 Things to Do in Luang Prabang, Laos

After a full and beautiful two weeks of running our At Home in the World Retreats in Bali with the Kaponay Family, we decided to renew our visa by taking a quick 2-week trip to Luang Prabang, Laos. Why Laos? Because: We had never been here before It looks absolutely beautiful from the pictures and reviews It’s a short and cheap flight from Bali (just $364…

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Emily’s Documentary Released – Pollution Solutions Bali

Our daughter Emily (15) has been passionate about the environment for many years. In our travels, she’s seen some of the most pristine and beautiful natural wonders on this planet. She’s also seen beautiful places covered in trash, coral reefs destroyed, and glaciers receding due to increased temperature. Being strongly moved by this, she has dedicated herself to learning more about her own impact on…

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Two Weeks in Kerala, India

With the dozens of countries we’ve visited over the past decade, we kept putting off traveling to India with our kids mostly because we heard it can be a bit intense, and a place where it’s easy to get sick. We’ve always wanted to go, but with young children regularly putting fingers in their mouths, we thought it would be best to wait until they…

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How Fulfilling Are Your Relationships?

How connected do you feel to your partner or your kids? To extended family and friends? To a community? And how fulfilling are those connections for all involved? In our modern culture, we’re often taught the value of becoming self-reliant and independent. Sometimes as we “succeed” in this, it leads to a sense of isolation. Or we may shut ourselves off from deeper emotions in order to…

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2018 in Review

What a year this has been for our family! We’ve had our share of difficult times, but also many incredibly fulfilling moments. We look back in gratitude and awe that we have created an intentional life that is far from mundane, but rich in friendships, growth, and service. Here are some of the highlights of 2018 for our family: Travel As a family, we traveled…

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10 Things to Love about Ljubljana, Slovenia

Have you ever immediately fallen in love with a place you have visited? From the moment we arrived in Ljubljana, Slovenia, we felt completely charmed! There is so much we loved about Ljubljana. We spent an entire month in this beautiful city and we could have easily spent longer! Here is a video our daughter Emily put together about our time in Ljubljana, and some…

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