Costa Rica

Interviewed by Costa Rica

Our family was recently interviewed by Roadschooling Examiner about our upcoming move to Costa Rica and how we plan to educate our children while “on the road.” The article was actually posted over a month ago, but I didn’t get the link until today. Click here to check out our interview We were asked some great questions and were happy to have the opportunity to...

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Departure Date is Set Costa Rica

We finally picked a date to make the move abroad. We’ll be leaving Salt Lake City for Costa Rica on January 6th, 2010! We have some Jet Blue buddy passes we’ll be using, and we hope there won’t be a problem using buddy passes for the “required” return ticket as well. We’re going to start out our adventure in the little town of Grecia, Costa...

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We’re Moving to Costa Rica Costa Rica

Wait! Moving?! As in “one-way ticket”? As in, “you’re not coming back?” Yep. That’s right. Are we crazy? Probably. You’re kidding, right? But… WHY?!! Well, you already know how much we enjoyed our trip to Panama. True, that was more of a vacation-mindset trip than it was a “living in another country” trip, but we still experienced our share of culture, language, and grew closer...

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