Last Weeks in Italy Italy

Alright, here’s my last post about Italy, including our time in Lucca, Pisa, Milan, Bellagio / Como, and Venice. This will be more like a travelogue post, so brace yourself for short captions and lots of pictures. On our way to Lucca, we drove through several Tuscan towns, including Montefioralle, which is a cute little (very little) mountain town with almost no parking. We passed...

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Tuscan Countryside and Mountain Towns Italy

Of all the places I was most excited to visit in Italy, the countryside in Tuscany was highest on my list. I imagined serene landscapes of rolling hills and vineyards, dotted by quaint little mountain towns. I’ll just say I wasn’t disappointed. Here are some of the scenes we came across. The towns themselves were filled with old world charm, some of them appeared to...

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Florence, Italy Italy / Travel

Alright, it’s photo time. We’re loving Italy, and I’ve taken too many pictures to share in one post. In order to get through these, I’m going to write less and show more. This post is dedicated to Florence, Italy, which is our favorite big-ish city in Italy so far. Here’s the apartment we stayed at. It was a little bit outside of the old town,...

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Positano and Amalfi coast Italy

I’ve mostly lost interest in writing travelogue posts. There are probably thousands of other travel blogs out there with all the details about the best places to visit in Italy. One of the main reasons I started this blog was as an online journal to document our family’s travels, what we’ve learned, and the things we want to remember. And while we’ve seen some amazing...

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The Value of an Italian Moment Italy / Personal / Spirituality

For the next 5 weeks, we will be traveling through Italy, from Rome, Naples, and Amalfi, to Tuscany, Como, and Venice. This is the first time any of us have been to Italy, and so far we’re loving it! Most people we talk to about Italy have only positive things to say. They mention the impressive architecture, serene landscapes, tasty food, and lively people. Except...

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