Overwhelmed By Travel Malaysia / Penang / Personal / Travel

Have you ever gone on vacation, and after returning home felt like you needed even more time to recuperate from it? I have. This usually happens when you keep yourself busy seeing all the sites and doing all the fun activities you planned, while not leaving much down time for resting or thinking. As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve been keeping very busy...

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Fun Activities Around Penang Malaysia / Penang

Wow, we’ve been having so much fun in Penang! The island is full of entertaining and free activities right now, from jazz and orchid festivals to horse shows and dragon boat races. Most kids are out of school this month, which is why there’s more going on than usual. But even without all the extra activities, there’s a lot to do in Penang, and we’ve...

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The Fish Spa Penang / Travel

We’ve been having so much fun in Penang! With so many new things to experience and enjoy, it’s been difficult to write about them all. Last week, we had the unique experience of going to a fish spa. If you haven’t heard of a fish spa (we hadn’t), let me clarify that it’s not a place where fish go to get a facial. It’s a...

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First Week in Penang, Malaysia Malaysia / Penang

Well, we’re here! We’ve been enjoying Penang, Malaysia for about a week now, and while we’ve mostly spent the time getting settled, cleaning and organizing the house, and trying some delicious food, it’s been a great adventure and in this post I’ll share my first impressions and some pictures. First of all, it’s a lot hotter and more humid here than I expected. It reminds...

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Malaysia, Our Next Home Malaysia

It’s official! We’ll be leaving Costa Rica at the end of October, and heading half-way around the world to Malaysia, which will be our homebase for the next year or two. We still love Costa Rica, and will probably return here again, but we’re excited to experience something new, and Asia has been calling to us. Malaysia should be a great hub from which to...

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