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I recently received an email from a young man just setting out on his own path. He’s questioning conventional education and conventional career choices. He’s looking to create a business that would allow him to travel and pursue his passions without succumbing to the daily grind and instability of traditional jobs. I was moved to answer his questions in my latest video. I know there...

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11 Influential Books I Read in 2009 Personal

I like to read books that inspire me to be a better person and help me understand life from a different perspective. And although I haven’t spent a lot of time reading this year, the books I have read have made a profound difference in my life and perspective. Lately, I’ve tried to read more, and have even read a few books on my iPhone...

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As many of you know, I keep track of all my time at the computer. I use a free on-line tool called Slim Timer, that lets me track what I’m doing every second, and run reports to see where I’m spending most of my time. I looked at my reports today, and realized that for the past few weeks, I have been living the four...

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