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The Why of Happiness Entrepreneurship / Personal / Productivity / Spirituality

Despite having stated that I no longer offer business consulting, I occasionally get emails asking me if I can make an exception. Sometimes I’ll write back asking what they hope to get out of consulting, and it usually turns out they want advice on what they should do, or instructions for how they should do it. One of the reasons I stopped offering consulting is that...

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How to Choose a Winning Business Idea Entrepreneurship

Recently, thanks to some articles I was highlighted in, I’ve been getting more consulting requests than usual. I’ve turned down many of these, partly because I only want to spend so much time on the phone and email each day, and also because the majority of the requests had the same difficult question: How do I choose a winning business idea? I wrote an article about...

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The villa we're renting in Bali Entrepreneurship / Personal / Productivity

I love my life! It’s a lifestyle I’ve created by choice and through persistent hard work, creativity, a bit of luck, and a lot of help from others. Not everyone would enjoy living like I do. Some people don’t like to travel. Others prefer the comfort of a steady paycheck, or are satisfied enough with their life as it is. And that’s awesome! But there are...

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