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Summary I’m excited to share 5 steps to help your family begin traveling long-term. These are things I’ve done myself that helped create a lifestyle that allows me and my family to travel the world indefinitely. In the past 7 years, we’ve traveled to and lived in over 32 different countries, and our lives have been deeply enriched because of it. We’ve grown closer together...

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The Why of Happiness Entrepreneurship / Personal / Productivity / Spirituality

Despite having stated that I no longer offer business consulting, I occasionally get emails asking me if I can make an exception. Sometimes I’ll write back asking what they hope to get out of consulting, and it usually turns out they want advice on what they should do, or instructions for how they should do it. One of the reasons I stopped offering consulting is that...

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11 Influential Books I Read in 2009 Personal

I like to read books that inspire me to be a better person and help me understand life from a different perspective. And although I haven’t spent a lot of time reading this year, the books I have read have made a profound difference in my life and perspective. Lately, I’ve tried to read more, and have even read a few books on my iPhone...

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